Monday, October 12, 2009

Episode #1500 contest!!! Prize Revealed!

As you may know, Mister Ron's Basement ( has just published Episode #1500! It is actually in EIGHT parts, and will be posted over eight days.

There is no other Podcast on iTunes that is even close to 1500 Episodes...

Mister Ron is certainly available for interviews. Just send to the email listed below.

While maybe not everything in the Basement may be your cup of tea, some of the humorous stories are perhaps funnier today than they were a hundred or hundred and fifty years ago.

Most of the authors featured on the Podcast were once household names in America, and now are sadly forgotten. The mission of our program is to try to restore some of those writers to the recognition they deserve.

We have something special planned for Episode #1500, and leading up to it, we are having a contest!
Somebody will win a genuine classic book of American Humor that is at least 100 years old. A true collectible!

The prize is a 1906 hardback printing of Ellis Parker Butler's classic "Pigs is Pigs.".

How do you enter? Simple -- send me an email (my address is with the subject line "My Favorite Episode." Then tell me which Episode of the Basement is your favorite. You don't have to tell me why, but I would love to hear it anyway. Just give me the name of the story and the author. Please send me an email. You can send me messages on Facebook all you like, but they won't count in the contest.

All the entries will go in a hat after we release Episode #1500 (Part Eight of Eight). The winner will be announced afterward. So go visit the web site, or subscribe in iTunes, and pick out a good one! Feel free to use the Catalog and Individual Author indexes to help make your decision.

Thanks to all my listeners!



Mister Crap said...

Someone pointed this out to me... 100 Word Stories reached 2000 episodes on Nov 4, 2009.


Mister Ron said...

Well, they've got lots of people contributing all at once every week. I'm just once a day all by my lonesome self :)


Mister Ron said...

And I just took a look at them on iTunes. For some reason, they only make 10 episodes available on iTunes, even to subscribers.

Go ahead, subscribe to the Basement in iTunes, then hit the "Get All" button and see what happens :)

Anonymous said...

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