Friday, May 2, 2008

Once A Week is BACK!

Our companion podcast, Mister Ron's Once A Week, after a hiatus of almost two years, is now back with a new format that ought to work! The earlier episodes each featured multiple items, reviews of books, comics, movies, television shows, music, and included fiction. This got to be too much for me, and never was practical to do on a weekly basis (especially while doing the Basement podcast seven days a week).

Nevertheless, the nine episodes done in 2006 remained posted, and surprisingly pulled in 200-300 downloads a day up through the present!

Our new format will offer one item or so per episode. The first one with this format is episode number 10, featuring a review of the IRON MAN movie. Our next one will cover a graphic novel or two, and so on...

Please drop by and check it out. Your comments are welcome.

1 comment:

dj sciz said...

I love Ron's podcasts! I didn't see Iron Man in the same way he did. In fact, I need to go to the movie again, because I didn't much like it the first time. But it doesn't matter one bit whether I agree with Ron's review. He researches, writes, and presents *beautifully*. I love his voice! I could listen all night. Thanks Ron!
p.s. my handle does not refer to my mental state, but to the constant comparison a friend draws between me and the Scissortail Flycatcher.