Monday, February 25, 2008

Episode #1000 Is Up!

Well, at least partially...

Episode #1000, 'The Stanley Huntley Story' is so BIG, that it had to be broken up into three parts, which will be uploaded over the course of three days. The first Part is ready for you to download, and is just a tad over an hour long. Please do give it a listen. Huntley is a true American Original, and you'll have fun listening to all three parts.

I have attempted to tell this story by mostly using original sources -- period newspaper articles by and about Huntley, books of the era, and an actual bound volume of the Bismarck Tribune from 1878-79 at the Library of Congress. Much of the research involved simply could not have been accomplished even five years ago. More and more, scanned newspaper runs are becoming available online, and these are generally fully indexed (although it often helps to know what you're looking for and when it appeared).

The drawing at the right may be the only known depiction of Huntley. He is probably the bearded man at the desk. No photographs have turned up yet. It is possible, that having Bright's Disease, which is quite disfiguring, Huntley always refused to be photographed.

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